We are absolutely committed to the ongoing development and implementation of environmentally friendly products within the graphics industry. An industry, as we know it, built upon PVC based products that must be pulled into the 21st century. At every opportunity we push for our suppliers to use products that are recyclable or biodegradable and higher in performance than our competitors. Our industry has to accept responsibility for it’s impact on our environment.

We only trade with suppliers that are actively working to reduce their impact on the environment. PVC alternatives are out there. Most suppliers are put off by slightly increased pricing, but we challenge that. If the production lines are increased to make these mainstream sales lines, then the production costs will fall. It’s sheer common sense.

It is proof beyond doubt that the number one product in the graphics market has been born from a biodegradable product that has set a new benchmark in graphic quality. Optically Clear Digital Film. Our work is continuous and we will push the manufacturers to their limits.

Committed to the environment.

Adam Bourn.